I am often asked if the wild stories about my wild life are true. People say Lions, Tigers and Bears??  REALLY??   So I decided a page of proof might give everyone a good laugh. Prove that some stories just can't be made up. Help people see if you want to do something GO DO IT! the clock is ticking. And maybe give a glimpse of why I get along with wild horses so easily. In my early days I had lots of experience with animals where I was on the menu if I did something wrong, so horses that just eat grass are a welcome change.  The most important thing the wild animals taught me was patience, to see the smallest try and appreciate how hard they were trying to understand what I was asking of them. With that I learned to honor who and what each individual was and appreciate them as such.

Off the top on my head during my time on this giant revolving ball known as earth I have trained, handled, transported, fed, watered, fallen off of or run away from: African Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Kodiak Bears, Cheetah, Chimpanzees, Kangaroos, Spider Monkeys, Boa Constrictors, Pythons, Rattle Snakes, Every breed of dog and cat known, every kind of creep crawly lizard, snake, spider, and newt you can think of, camels, llamas, guanacos, alpacas, Fox, tegus, emus, ostrich, ferrets, parrot, chicken, horse, hawks, mule, zebra, donkey, pony, African elephant, Deer, Alligators, Asian Elephant, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, buffalo, raccoon, opossum and most recently a Binturong!

I was performing in the Circus when I was 14 and was working at studios in Hollywood at 16. Animals I have trained have appeared in Circus Vargas, George Mathews Great London Circus, Big John Strong Circus, Grizzly Adams, Sprint Commercials, Chesterfield Commercials, Pepsi Commercials, Dupont Commercials, Music Videos, Father Murphy, Little House on the Prairie, Return to Green Acres, Beast Master 1, Beast Master II, NOVA and Disney's Air Bud Golden Receiver to name a few.

The Animal Ark Petting Zoo and Pony Ride performed at 100's of fairs, festivals, art shows, and special events from 1983 until retirement in 2000. During my tenure in the petting zoo business I owned 1000's of farm animals including over 10 breeds listed in the Minor Breeds Conservancy and at one time had a contract to provide over 500 animals for a single educational farm exhibit for intercity schools throughout Southern California.

So yes, I have taken a walk on the wild side!

more to come.............

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