The Kiger’s striking dun color and primitive markings are extraordinarily beautiful. Their strength, spirit and versatility is unequaled. Kiger Mesteńos are descendants of the Iberian horses introduced to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors. They are athletic and extremely intelligent.  Bold yet willing called “Brio”.  Add their fine qualities of stamina and sure-footedness; you have an animal that excels in any discipline especially working equitation, competitive trail, roping, endurance, driving, cow work, and dressage.

Throughout the exploration of the Americas, the Kiger Mesteno has carried the Conquistador, Native American, Vaquero, Explorer, Pioneer and the Cowboy through all the glory and despair of their lives.  The pathway to the civilization of the America's Frontieer is strewn with the bones of Iberian and Kiger horses, ancestral and modern. They truly are history standing live before you.  It is no wonder that the Kiger Mesteno has received the title of “A living genetic treasure”. 

For the discriminating horse lover seeking a unique combination of rare primitive colors, surefootedness, versitality, a spirited but gentle temperament called “The Fire Within” , and a carriage “Fit for a King” the first and only choice is the Kiger Mesteno Horse, the true “Living Legend”. 

Rancho Kigers de los Californios is considered the "Kiger Mustang Showcase". We are available for consulting, appraisal, acquistions, dispositoins, breeding, training, education, demonstrations, and anything related to the Kiger Mesteno Horse.

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